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Our Vision Remember the Excitement of Going Back to School?

Think back and remember the excitement of going back-to-school. The pointy new pencils and the crisp, clean pages of a brand-new spiral notebook hold all the promise of a new year.

Maybe you remember getting that new backpack that somehow helped you feel just a bit taller, stand a little straighter? Picking up school supplies, though it marks the end of summer fun, is a ritual that helps build anticipation and confidence.

But for some kids in our community, back-to-school is different. Imagine the stress of knowing that your family cannot afford the things on your new teacher’s supply list. Maybe the backpack you’ve been using has holes that keep getting bigger, and you’re not sure it can make it through another school year. Maybe your gym shoes stopped fitting in the middle of last year.

All our community’s children should feel excited and confident as a new school year approaches. All kids should start off with the items they need to accomplish all their goals.

Supplies 4 Success gives our community’s at-risk and low-income children, from pre-school through junior high, the items they need to start the school year off right. We work with families and with teachers, principals, and social workers in the schools in Districts 41 and 89, to determine needs, then provide complete back-to-school kits. Kids who otherwise may not be able to start the school year off with the new pencils, folders and notebooks they need get all of that, and more. In 2018, Supplies 4 Success is making efforts to improve the quality of the supplies we provide, while continuing to adjust to the changing needs of modern students. We need the help of our generous community to achieve this. 

As a non-profit organization, Supplies 4 Success relies on donations from families in our community and financial support from businesses, community organizations and charitable groups. Donations to Supplies 4 Success are tax deductible. With monies collected, our volunteer committee works with the school districts’ supply providers to order and compile hundreds of kits for kids throughout District 41 and District 89. In 2017, Supplies 4 Success helped over 900 local kids!

Donations are welcome in any amount, and we would love to know more about your company’s matching programs!

Did You Know?

  • Every $35 donation can provide a child with a school supply kit and backpack.
  • Every $70 donation can provide a child with winter outerwear.
  • 800 to 1,200 children in Glen Ellyn schools need our help every year.